Is there a limit of files in a folder?

  • Answered

Our website on GoDaddy has encountered a problem. Virtuemart on Joomla has a folder that it holds all the thumbnail images, and we have about 6000+. Now we no longer can upload new products because apparently they have a limit of files in a folder (1024 I think....I don't know how we got as far as 6000 in the folder...)

So I was told that InMotion hosting has no such restrictions? Is this true even for basic hosting? Or only in VPS/Dedicated ?

Thank you!
Hello Tptartists, We do not have any declared limits for files as long as they are legitimate part of the website. The limits you're seeing may not have to do with a "file limit" but with something called inodes. Like any hosting service, these numbers may be set to a particular number (usually something pretty large), but it is possible that if the inode number is exceeded then you will not be able to add anymore files. This can be changed by the server administrator, so you may need to speak with their support. Basic hosting has a very large number of inodes, but if there is an issue with the numbers, they can be increased by contacting technical support. Please review the article link I have supplied above for more information on inodes. Regards, Arnel C.