Description field not showing for products in Administrator Panel

  • Answered
hello friend, do you know whats wrong in my opencart? i cant put nothing in description product, i dont see the "window" with text editing.
Hello Fedegov, I'm sorry to hear that you're having problems with the OpenCart product. I did some research for you and the resolution of this problem is not something easily stated, because it can be one thing or another. Since I cannot view your account, you will need to verify this for yourself. This has apparently been a reported problem with OpenCart. You can find the info on this issue in their forums here: Description Field is not showing in Admin Panel This problem may have something to do with the product_form.tpl - which they show in the post above (and there are various entries for this). Or, you might be facing a server side issue caused by the ckeditor (the editor that is supposed to show for the Description section). As per post, they debugged the issue and found that the CKEDITOR_BASEPATH is not set properly. You can find out more details on this issue here: CKEditor Developers Forum - Ticket#4348 - Editor Does not Open: Status - Fixed As you can see, the issue has been addressed, but it only happens due to pagespeed optimization which causes the ckeditor to bug out. As noted above, this is a server-side issue, which means that you may need to speak with your host if you do not have appropriate server-side access should you wish to have page speed optimization disabled. The forum really does a good job of describing this, so please make use of this resource as unfortunately we did not write the code. Please let us know if you still require further assistance and we would be happy to help! Regards, Arnel C.