Pin it button not working.

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Hi, I have a few sites: I have been testing these sites with the "Pin It" bookmarklet from Pinterest. For some reason none of the images are able to pinned. It will go as far as letting me select the image to pin, letting me edit the description, but once I click Pin It, it goes on to say "Sorry! Sorry we could not fetch the image" The bullheadbulldogs site is a plain html site I made in dreamweaver, and on this page for example, the images will not pin. I have troubleshooted the other two wordpress sites extensively from the theme on down to deactivating each of the plugins. Since it is affecting both the html site and the wordpress sites, I figured it had to do with the server. I would like some help getting the pin it button to work please.
Hello Trichards02, You may be interested to know that Pinterest has a limit on the size the picture that you can pin. According to their documentation your picture needs to be at least 100x200 pixels. If it's under that then, it won't pin. Additionally, if you're using hotlink protection then your pins are probably not going to work. You will need to make it so that Pinterest can access the images. I took a look at your account, and hotlink protection is enabled. That is most likely the culprit behind your pins not working. If you have any further questions, please leave a comment with more details and and we will be happy to review the issue for you. If we answered your question and it's a great solution for you, please make sure to mark the answer as the BEST answer. Or please leave a comment or note of thanks so that we know your issue is resolved or ongoing. Arnel C. Community Support Team