keep coming to 'trial site in site builder' but when i put my domain in, it says it is already registered. where do i go from here?

  • Answered
Hello kismet44,

Once you log into the builder, create a different name to save your site under. For example, if your domain is, enter and then click the "Own Site" button.

Once inside the builder, you should be on Step 1. From there, you can select the new site from the small dropdown in the upper right corner and begin working on it, or you can change the name of it.

To change the name, click on the "Go To Admin Panel' link in the upper right corner just under the numbered steps. You will see all sites listed on the screen. To remove the original one with your domain name, simply check the box next to it and click the red X labeled "Delete" above the site list.

Now you can change the name of the other site. Click on the name of the site and you will be taken to a configuration page. From here, you can change the name and save the changes. The trial site you built will now be under your domain name.

Best Regards,
Scott M