Two questions. #1 I'm trying to log in to Premium Web Builder to work on my website. It keeps redirecting me to some type of trial site login. It says my site has already been used. What is the easy way to get logged on? #2 It finally let me into the Web

  • Answered

Thank you for your question concentricvegan!

You can log into your builder through the AMP panel or go directly to the Builder link below.

The builder uses your cPanel username and password. You can find your username in the AMP technical details. If you do not know your password, you can reset your builder password through your AMP panel.

Your second question was cut off half way through; however, it appears you were able to get logged in. If for whatever reason you cannot publish your builder site or you need help, you can contact our tech support to have them help you "One-On-One" with the builder.

Best Regards,

James R