Adding products on home page in opencart, but without categories

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I want to add 8 products on my front page in opencat. But i don't want them to be in a category.
I will be selling 8 products and thats all. I don't want them to be categorise. When you go to my home page i want them in front whithout choosing a category.
What can be the simpliest way to do that?
Thanks in advance.

Tim S.
So if you're opnly selling 8 products, its best you create a category like featured and add them to the category. No one on the site would know you have categorized the 8 products. Then you can simply display the category on your home page. They wouldn't be choosing the category, the category would be simply there to let OpenCart know those are the products to display on the homepage.
Hello cerkovniku,

I checked with our OpenCart folks in the design department. They say that it is not possible by default. You may, however, delete all the default categories and then create a single category named 'Products'. This will allow a Products link to display in the navigational toolbar. If you do not use categories, then there will not be a navigational link to them.

They did say that it may be possible with modules, but they do not have any specific ones in their toolbox that they recommend for this purpose.

Best Regards,
Scott M