DNS problem

  • Answered
Dear Sirs,

My account is info@******.com.

I have moved name servers to InMotion for my clients domain tribulk.com since yesterday but I still see no email coming to InMotion.

I wonder if there is an internal problem perhaps.
After 24 hours it should have received at least one email.

One more question: How do I set the Reverse DNS of *******.com.
I check and it says that it is wrong...
Hello rentoulass,

I see that you also contacted our Live Support team and they were able to assist. When working with MX records, always make sure the highest priority MX record is pointing to the email server you want to receive mail at. This will ensure the email gets delivered properly. I also checked the Reverse DNS for your server and it is correct. Being a shared server, that information is set by our Systems team.

Best Regards,
Scott M