Follow up to maintenance mode problem.

  • Answered

As you requested I have enabled the OpenCart Maintenance Mode so that you can troubleshoot the problem.

Please advise.
Hello simonbk, Thank you for setting it to maintenance mode. That helped immensely. I was able to coax an error message out of the code. It appeared as the following:
Error: Could not load language common/maintenance!
Noting you only had English as the language, I knew it wasn't any language pack, however I took a look at the english language files. All language packs include 3 files in folder named 'common'. They are header.php, footer.php, and maintenance.php. For some reason, you were missing the maintenance.php file. I copied it from our testing installation and uploaded it to the 'common' folder of your English language files. I am now seeing a proper maintenance message when visiting the site. Best Regards, Scott M