Trouble receiving our own email newsletters.

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We use VerticalResponse as our email service provider, and send our newsletter out through them.

We cannot receive any of our own newsletters sent from the VerticalResponse server at any of our email accounts here.

I've pasted below the email from support at VerticalResponse responding to our request for help from them:

"Thank you for contacting VerticalResponse. I am sorry to hear you are having trouble receiving emails. Email servers may block or filter mail originating from an external network but with the appearance of internal email. This is relatively common measure email servers use to protect against phishing attempts.

For example, the VerticalResponse corporate email servers may block email with VerticalResponse in the From Address if coming from anything other than our own corporate email servers. This is common with the Postini Email service (now part of Google's business services) but something that can be addressed with the methods described below.

If using Postini, your Email System Administrator may need to add our IPs to the Postini IP LOCK. Please refer to the following article and the sample batch command below to allow email from the VerticalResponse IPs to be delivered to your email servers with your corporate identity:

Sample Batch Command:

showallowedips MyOrg

If not using the Postini service your Email System Administrator can whitelist our sending IPs and/or the From Addresses you will be using with your email campaigns - this generally solves the problem.

Every email campaign you send using VerticalResponse is mailed to your recipients from our servers with a From Address in the follow format: [fromlabel] To the left of the @ is the From Label specified in your email, to the right will be (spaces and special characters are replaced by the underscore _ character).

VerticalResponse Domains:
From domain -
Bounce domain -

VerticalResponse IP ranges:

Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions."

Can you help?

John Sherman
Hello John, and thanks for your question. I have gone ahead and white-listed the requested IP ranges for you in your Exim mail server configuration. These settings were saved to the file /etc/skipsmtpcheckhosts. Please let us know if you continue to have any issues receiving mailings now. - Jacob