is it possible to change the look of my website using dolphin

  • Answered
i would like to know if it possible to change the look if using the dolphin platform tool for a social media site. Is it possible to change the layout and some of the tables in the database section. ? I am very new to all of this .. !!!
Hello mariamaria, and thanks for your question. Yes it is possible to change the look of your Dolphin made website. Dolphin uses templates to control the style of the site, so you could simply do a web search for something along the lines of "dolphin templates" to find one that fits your needs. Also from the Dolphin administration panel itself, you can use the Builders section to change the layout of your pages. For instance using the Pages Builder you could re-arrange any of your page elements, or change the width of your page as well. Please let us know if you have any other questions at all. - Jacob