need help to configure opencart Mail

  • Answered
i realy can't find where the problem here, i install OpenCart Application on this link
and it's open fine, but can't send any email like forget passwords or alerts
- i try to leave it as Mail Protocol, (doesn't work)
- add -f parameter before my email ,(the same)
- work as SMTP server and the same too

can you please help me to set this application as i will open new eCommerce website with OpenCart and if this application have this problem so should i look for another one, and if you know better eCommerce application please advice.

Thank you
Ahmed Fawzi
Thank you for your question Ahmed? Sorry for the trouble with the email in your Open Cart. Its difficult to say why the email is not sending. There are quite a few factors involved that could keep it from working. If you haven't already, please see the the tutorial on Configuring Email Settings in OpenCart. Unfortunately, because this is a public forum, for further help with this issue, our tech support staff will need log in your open cart to see why its not sending. Please contact support either by chat, phone (1-888-321-4678 ext 2), or by email ([email protected]) with the exact steps to replicate the problem. Please include any login credentials and/or links we will need to replicate the problem. Thank you for your patience. Best Regards James R