I'm setting up my account and am able to login to cpanel but not Premium Web Builder which is what I want to use to start building my site.

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Hello Sunlife, If you're having problems with logging into the Builder, you can best address it by contacting live support. However, typically, the problem is that you're most likely not using the correct user name or password. Here's some information on how to find your user name: After setting up the Builder, if your user name was not automatically filled in, then it should match the Cpanel user name. Note that it is NOT the same as you Account Management Panel (AMP) which is an email address. If you need to find this information, login to AMP, then go to ACCOUNT & BILLING DETAILS. Go to the ACTIVE SUBSCRIPTIONS and under ADMIN, you should see another DETAILS option you can select. Click that, and you will see your assigned Cpanel user name - it will end in a number like "5". Make sure you're logging in with that user name. If you're still unable to login, call in to live support and they can quickly and privately change the password for you. The user name cannot be changed. For more information on setting up and using the Builder go here: Using the Builder If you have any further questions, please contact technical support or leave a comment at the bottom of the page. Regards, Arnel C.