i want my emails to be sent into inbox forlers

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I have a problem , that is my bulk emails sent to members are classified into spam folder of the members free emails account (such as gmail, Hotmail, yahoo, …etc). this is my web developer explanation about what happen exactly “We have a script that has been set in cron. It check the list for subscribers and send emails in a look once at a time, since within couple of moment large volume of email is sent through your website that's why we are considering as bulk email”.
My web developer told me to contact you to solve this problem, as the only solution is between your hands.
any help i can use to solve this problem

Hello Jandan,

Unfortunately the receiving server is where the evaluation of incoming emails are done and decided whether or not it goes to spam folders. That is not anything done by sending servers, otherwise spammers would be more able to control that factor, which would be bad.

If you believe it is due to a cron sending out a mass email, you may want to check out programs such as phplist, which are bulk email management programs and can send out mails in a consistent rate.

Best Regards,
Scott M