How to Cpanel and Drupal for My Multiple Domain Names on My Hosting Plan

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I have recently bought another domain name through InMotion Hosting. I would like to set up a second website with this domain name under the same hosting package (when I joined it said you can run up to 6 websites). But how can I access cPanel for my second domain? I want to use cPanel and Drupal for the second domain (I already use both for my first domain).

Hello JeroenSnep,

The addon domain is in the same cpanel and requires no different access. Addon domains receive their own folder under the public_html.

When attempting to install Drupal via the Softaculous program, you can specify the root folder, which will be the addon domain folder. This will install it for your addon domain. Everything after that will be identical to using it on the primary domain.

Best Regards,
Scott M