Can I add a hidden File Download page to my site?

  • Answered
Right now when I try to add a File Download (special page), it automatically gets added to my website's toolbar.

I would like to post some files for certain clients to be able to download (that is, to have a hidden page). I don't want the general public to know there's a file download page--only those who I've given a direct URL.

1) Is this possible? If so, how do I do it?
2) If not, is it possible to password protect the publicly viewable File Download page?

Hello Curiosity,

Yes, there is a way to remove a page from the menu. You will want to go to the Edit step (step 4) and select the page you want to hide.

On the left hand sidebar, down towards the bottom you will see a checkbox labeled "Show this page in site map". Uncheckt his box and republish. The page will no longer show on the menu, but can still be accessed by anyone who knows the URL.

Best Regards,
Scott M