Published site not up after 24hours Premium Web Builder

  • Answered
Published my website yesterday after some difficulty and help from the support team. Today it is still unavailable and when checking on it through the AMP by clicking the temp URL No pictures or template are up. Also when trying to find the site by using a browser it will not come up even if I type the name in the address bar. Did the problems yesterday cause this?
Hello Jedihunter, I answered this question in another of your posts. For some reason, my earlier answers did not publish (which I found had to do with me kicking my router power cable under my desk). My apologies for the interruption and delay! As I said in my other response, your domain is simply not registered (and I know you found that yourself). There either may have been a misunderstanding with Sales, or the auto-registration of your domain was not able to occur. However, you can very easily correct this by simply logging into the Account Management Panel (AMP) and using your free domain credit for registering your domain. Select DOMAINS and it will walk you through the rest of process. Again, there is a 24 hour propagation required for the new domain to be recognized on the internet. Information on Propagation Apologies for any duplicate information! I'm just making sure that these questions were answered. Thanks for your patience! Arnel C.