How can I publish files directly to public_html folder?

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Website Files published to a folder within public_html, not to the folder itself. Filezilla or Sitespinner unable to show /reveal public_html directory. How can I get files directly into public_html without copying every time I make changes? Thank you.
Hello Shrene,

I reviewed your account and it appears that you might be using a FTP user that you created in the Cpanel. You can actually use the Cpanel user name and the password for the master FTP account. Your FTP login information would be the domain name, and then your login user name is the cpanel user name and the password is the cpanel password.

The cpanel user defaults to the home folder, so you can see the public_html folder in Filezilla and then move files through FTP properly.

By default, the user that is created inside Cpanel (under FTP accounts), will not have direct access to the public_html folder unless modify the path so that it can get to it.

To modify the path - simply change the path so that it points directly to public_html. The subfolder automatically following the public_html path is automatically added when the account was created. Note it matches the name of the FTP account you created.

Once you have removed that part of the path it will go straight into public_html folder. Otherwise, use the cpanel user to login.

Hope that helps! If you're still having problems, please contact live support for immediate help, and they can explain the issue as well.

If you have any further questions, please leave a comment at the bottom of the page.


Arnel C.