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yes.. ive recently installed the mod-rewrite apache handler and enabled the use seo function on my open cart sever radio button.. im wondering how long does it generally take to propagate the main search engines before i can start to see results in the search engines.. i.e google.. bing... yahoo. etc.. i have modified the htaaccess to .htaccess as well
Hello ccwcigarzar, Unfortunately, it's not a straightforward answer. Basically, what needs to happen is that a search engine would have to crawl your site. The SEO functions in OpenCart make it easier to organize, so the next time someone like Google goes through your site, there should be a change in the way your site is described in the search engine. For Google, you may want to login to Google Webmaster tools - you can't really demand they crawl your site immediately, but you can increase your crawl speed. do a search on "how to get search engines to crawl your site" and you'll find much more information on getting your site ranked higher on a search engine and updated more often. Do take note that you may want to do this in the beginning, but later, you may need to slow the crawl rate back down in order to stop your site from continually being pinged by search engines - as it may tax your hosting server resources. If you have any further questions, please contact technical support or leave a comment at the bottom of the page. Regards, Arnel C.