How do I setup without making name server changes?

  • Answered

My goal is to use the hosting at inmotion to run my web site, but still keep my DNS nameserver entries pointing at my current DNS provider. I see under the account management panel that it is possible to purchase a static IP address. Is that what I need to do in order to setup my own A record for with my current DNS service provider?

By the way, the current provider I use is and I use them to control a number of domains independently from any hosting.


-- Bennett
Hi Bennett, To host your website on our servers without updating your nameservers themselves, you'll need to point your domain's A RECORD to the IP address of your InMotion Hosting server. If you log into your cPanel, you'll see your server's IP addresses listed in the left hand side. Purchasing a dedicated IP addresses is not required for what it is you're trying to do. Thanks, - Brad