Can I change the order of products in the eshop

  • Answered
Am using Premium Web Builder working on my EShop page... I need to change the order of my products & am not finding a way to rearrange the order of my products once they are listed. I have categories setup and need to rearrange inside the category.
The eShop in the Plesk Premium Web Builder is a very basic eCommerce solution. Unfortunately, the only way to re-sort things would be to remove and then re-insert your items. If you want more functionality, I would suggest moving to a different eCommerce solution such as OpenCart, Zen Cart, or OsCommerce (to name a few) - and these are also free options, but come with a higher learning curve as a price to their functionality. The eShop is great for basic selling requirements, but in exchange, you do not have the flexibility to do things that you would find in other ecommerce solutions. For more information on other ecommerce solutions, check out this article in the Support center: Getting started Guides: Choose an Ecommerce Solution