Domain Name Redirect broke Wordpress URL

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I have a wordpress set up on my account and I wanted to have a second domain name which would point to one of the wordpress blogs. I purchased a domain through InMotion and used the AddOn Domains tool in cpanel to add it and redirect it to the URL for the blog.
I want to redirect to

Except after doing this the blog no longer shows. It gives a blank index directory page instead.

Additionally, I tried adding a subdomain to redirect to and the same problem now exists there. The blog's main url now only gives a blank index directory. Even after deleting the subdomain it does not go back to the way it was before.

Ideally, both options should be leading to a page similar to

When I go into my wordpress admin and change the domain for the furmentation blog to the page loads correctly with the new url, but when I change it back to the original url it gives the new error again.

It kind of looks like the new domains broke the Wordpress URLs, but I can't figure out how to get them to play nice, or even undo what was done.

Help? Please?
Tim S.
Hi xodin, Thanks for posting your questions. I'm more than happy to assist you. So I've looked over the setup you're using for and it appears to be set up as you have requested. If you visit each URL separately they display the same content so they're working as they should. It looks like you're creating add-on domains and subdomains while trying to point to specific pages within your WordPress site. Keep in mind that your WordPress is dynamically built and therefore the folders furmentation and yachtingscryer do not actually exist. Therefore, when you point the domains to these folders, it breaks the WordPress pages. Ideally, you could create the domains and set them to have document roots (that are not the same names as your pages within WordPress) and then create .htaccess rules to re-direct the traffic to the specific page. Ideally, WordPress is not designed to do what you are trying to do. You may want to look into setting up a WordPress Network. Here's a link on WordPress Networks: WordPress Network If you need further assistance please feel free to contact us. Thanks! Tim S