Cannot send email - 451 Temporary local problem

  • Answered
After i managed to brownse my website today and tried to check my emails i noticed that my email accounts did not work. After a brief brownsing to the help center i made some modifications to Microsoft Outlook, which i managed to receive emails but it continues to give a '"451 Temporary local problem'' when i try to sent an email.

Hi manos,

I reviewed your account and it appears that you're on our ecbiz91 server, which our System Administration team has been troubleshooting some issues on that server not too long ago.

If your email has been working all along and just today you are beginning to experience issues, most likely your email should continue working shortly.

If you are setting up your email for the first time, please post a comment at the bottom of this page with the port and smtp server settings you're using in Outlook, and we'll be more than happy to troubleshoot further.

- Brad