Why can't I upload files on my website using Breezing Forms?

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I made a registration form with Breezingforms.
they have to upload a mp3 file
But I get a error massage
Cant upload file
Is this a breezingform error or is is server related.


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Hi Luc,

I'm not very familiar with BreezingForms, but after some quick research it appears to be a Joomla module that allows you to setup forms on a website and allow users to upload files.

I did a bit of Googling for BreezingForms can't upload file, but I wasn't able to find anyone having a similar issue as yourself.

If you are getting a BreezingForms can't upload file error:

Option 1. Update your question or email our Support Department

Typically when troubleshooting an issue as this, we'll need to know the exact error message and the steps we can take to replicate the problem. Once we have this information, we can then begin to run a few tests and try to troubleshoot the issue further. The Community Support area on our website may not be the best option to post this information because then everyone else viewing the question will be able to replicate the issue (and we're assuming you'd have to post login information so that we can test the upload feature).

If you need to post login details,  submit a ticket via AMP so our Support Team can troubleshoot the issue, and your login information is not made public. If there is no login needed, feel free to update this question or post in the comments with the following:

1. The full and exact error message you are receiving

2. The specific steps we can take to replicate the problem.

Option 2. Use the BreezingForms Forums

As BreezingForms has its own support forums, you may be able to get assistance there as well:


I hope this helps! Feel free to update your question or post a comment on this page if you need any further assistance.


- Brad

Tim S.
Hi Luc,

Thanks for posting your question. I'm more than happy to assist you. I've looked over your account, and saw that you contacted our support department. Which website are you having the issue with? Also, are you getting a specific error message when trying to upload files? Can you provide me with the URL to the upload page so I can try to replicate the issue?

If you need further assistance please feel free to contact us.


Tim S