Does our site give errors when over SSL because we requested a document root change?

  • Answered
We are trying to launch our website and are getting issues when we try to use the SSL certificate we bought through InMotions tech support. works fine. When someone goes to you can see we force the https with our .htaccess file for them when they are in the /accounts folder. We get a 404 error "The requested URL /accounts/login.php was not found on this server. "

If I also go to we get an we get an error for an "Fatal error: require_once()" when we try to include our websites pieces. We include many parts to build the website in its parts.

We need to have all the access to the /accounts folder use SSL as we have people using passwords and eventually credit cards.
Hi kcawley, The errors I believe you are receiving are due to the fact that the document root for your website is home/greenl50/public_html/greenleg while the document root for your site over SSL is home/greenl50/public_html As you previously requested a document root change and then requested an SSL installation, the document root for your website over SSL will need to be updated as well (as the document root configuration is different). I cannot make this change for you through the Support Center here, but if you contact our Support Department with the SSL document root change request, they can make the necessary changes for you. I hope this helps, please let me know if we can provide any further assistance. Thanks! - Brad