ldconfig question

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I am new to Linux and trying to run ldconfig
try 1: [/sbin]# ./ldconfig (result: Can't create temporary cache file /etc/li.so.cache~: Permission denied)
try 2: [/sbin]# su ./ldconfig (result: Permission denied)
try 3: [/sbin]# sudo ./ldconfig (result: request for myusername password then (when entered) message that myusername is not in the sudoers file)

try 4:
I have uploaded a sudoers file to /home/myusername/etc
myusername ALL=(ALL) ALL

but the result is identical to try 3

What am I doing wrong? Thanks
Hi mcomco, I'm sorry you're having trouble running the ldconfig command. In order to execute that command you would need to be logged into the server with root. Our Tier II team has ran the ldconfig command for you but looking at the commands you are running, it appears you are looking to set up Root access. To review our Root Access Disclosure and request Root Access: 1. Log into AMP 2. Under "Additional Services", click "Other" 3. Under "Add Services", click the account in question 4. Click "Request Root Access" Please let us know if you have any questions or need any additional assistance. Regards, Christi N.