How do I configure Dreamweaver to publish to an AddOn Domain?

  • Answered
I created an addon domain name but have no idea how to upload the files using dreamweaver CS3.
Tim S.

Hi bej,

Thanks for posting your question. You need to configure Dreamweaver to publish specifically to the add-on domain. You can follow the following tutorial to do so, however you will need to change some of the settings:

Server Name: Enter a name for this server

Connect using: Choose FTP

FTP Address: Enter your primary domain name here

Username and Password: Enter your cPanel username and password

Root Directory: /public_html/ (replace this with the root folder you set up for the add-on domain)

Web URL: This will auto fill in for you when you enter a root directory. Please be sure to remove "public_html" from the Web URL so that it only reads

More Options - Use Passive FTP: Select "Use Passive FTP"

I hope this helps! Let me know if you need further assistance. Thanks!

Tim S.