I am getting emails that tell me that I need to verify my email for ssl is this spam or something I need to do

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Here is the email that I keep getting.  It comes from SSL on InMotion <[email protected]>

Autossl has successfully renewed the Email Validated (EV) SSL certificate for
[email protected] on the InMotion Network Server.

The new certificate lacks the secure key for your email address; [email protected], this might lead to email deliverability and security issues.

A verification is required to use this feature for a secure and efficient mailing experience.

IMH Support Agent 1
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Thank you for contacting us regarding an email about verifying your SSL with InMotion. Do not follow any provided link and enter your information, as it appears to be a phishing scam email. I recommend reviewing our guide on Avoiding Phishing Scams for more information on how to identify scams.

If you are experiencing any issues with your SSL please let us know, or feel free to contact our Live Support Team so they can provide assistance for your specific account.

Thank you,