How do you change the email address which the mail server sends the "bounce-back" emails to?

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Ie. a customer orders from our website but puts in the wrong email address which gets rejected.I can't find this email anywhere within wordpress/website backend. 

IMH Support Agent 1
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Helo simon,

Thank you for contacting us about changing the email address that bouncebacks are sent to. The bounceback will be sent to the account the form is set up to use. For example, many forms allow you to use any email address you want as the "Outgoing" address. Due to this, I recommend checking your form settings in the Dashboard.

If you are just using a standard form in BoldGrid/WordPress they will be sent to the email address of the primary"Admin" account.

You can also check your server's Mail log for record of the email transmissions or additional errors. Another option is to use a mail logging plugin such as WP Mail Logging.

Thank you,