What site changes are needed when adding a dedicated SSL?

  • Answered
I'm considering purchasing a dedicated SSL certificate for my domain. What changes will I have to make on my site? Will I have to update all links or does InMotion hosting do this?
Hello, Thanks for your question about purchasing a dedicated SSL for your domain and required changes for the site. The changes made to your site depends on how your site was built. If you built your site with an application like WordPress, then it may simply be a change in the administrator or the addition of a plugin in order to have the SSL applied to all pages of the site. The same goes for ecommerce sites - you may need to see their documentation in order to find the where the changes would need to be made in the settings. If you built your site from scratch, then if you are using links to refer to graphics or other pages in your site and you want them to use the SSL, then you would need to adjust those links to use HTTPS. InMotion Hosting does not make the changes for you. When you purchase an SSL, make sure that the URL matches what you're trying to secure. Additionally, when you get a dedicated SSL, then you will also need to obtain a dedicated IP address. For information on the purchasing process, please see Purchasing an SSL for InMotion Hosting. Note that there is also a Free SSL option but keep in mind that a purchased SSL may be more secure than the Free one depending on the level of security you are seeking from the SSL. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.