Selecting HTTPS During Wordpress Install

  • Answered
When installing Wordpress, I selected "https" as the protocol, but the installer showed an error message: "A trusted SSL certificated was not found". I did receive the confirmation email from InMotion saying that installation of the SSL certificate was successful, and it looks like SSL is working -- I can load my homepage with https://, the browser shows the lock icon, and the certificate details in the browser look correct. It's only the Wordpress installation that is throwing an error.
Is it possible to select "https" during the Wordpress installation? It looks like the installer comes from a 3rd party called "Softaculous", so please let me know if I should post elsewhere for support.
IMH Support Agent 5
Hello, Thanks for submitting a question about selecting HTTPS during WordPress install. Yes, Softaculous is available with all of our hosting packages, and it does make the installation process a great deal easier. It also lets you select HTTPS as the protocol you want to use. To do this manually in WordPress you would need to change the Site URL. Best, Christopher M.