Creating Shared Email Id for Multiple Users

  • Answered
Hi, I have a requirement to create a shared email id to be used by multiple users. Each user will have to be provided with his/her own name when replying to an email received in this shared mail id. e,g. An email received in this shared email id ([email protected]) when replied by user John Grant shown be shown as - John Grant and when replied by user Mark Edwards should be shown as - Mark Edwards .
Hello, Thank you for your question regarding creating a shared email for multiple users. When you setup the email account in your client you can set an individual "Name" option. The actual setup will differ based on your specific client. For example, when setting up Outlook there is an option for "Your Name" where you can enter the name you want people you email to see. I also recommend setting up all the users as IMAP, since it leaves the email folders on the server by default and allows all users to see the same thing. Thank you, John-Paul