Issues with Yahoo receiving emails.

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I just setup a new email host with inmotion. I am receiving and sending emails but they do not seem to be going to yahoo. I sent several emails to a yahoo account and they are not going through, gmail, hotmail, and other private domains are working.
Domain is hosted with google. Domain is parked at inmotion with email account. Mx records are set. Domain is point to Moonfruit hosts for website, domain has inmotion nameserver and gandi nameserver for website. Could that be causing an issue?
Tim S.
Good morning,

Thanks for your question about emails not being received by Yahoo. Typically, if your email isn't going through or Yahoo is rejecting the email you will get a bounceback message. This bounceback message is sent by Yahoo outlining why your email was rejected. Have you received a bounceback message? If so, can you post it so we can help you troubleshoot the issue? Also, if you're not getting a bounceback message, you may want to reach out to support. They can look at the email logs and determine if Yahoo has accepted the email and where the delay is occurring.

I hope this helps!


Tim S