Securing an Unsecure Website

  • Answered
I have recently paid to secure my website that I had not secured when establishing. When attempting to log on as administrator, I am still told it is not secured and that passwords may be compromised. It has been longer than 24 hours since I received receipt of payment for securing. Please, explain what I am to do to rectify the problem?
Hi! Thanks for asking about securing your website and ensuring your administrator login is protected. The warning you are describing indicates that there is no SSL Certificate installed for your website. It also sounds like you've added domain privacy, which only secures the registration details for your domain. It does not include the installation and purchase of an SSL Certificate, which is what is needed to secure the login. You can review our article on How to Purchase an SSL Certificate for guidance to buy and install one. This should correct the warning message. I hope this helps! Sincerely, Carlos E