how do i get 2 websites to be active at the same time?

  • Answered
I tried to add on another domain name but had trouble it looked like it has combined the two names.

Thanks for the question about getting 2 websites active at the same time. Typically, this happens when you're trying to use a domain name that is not registered with a domain registrar. However, in your case, this is not what's happening. I reviewed the site and it seems that it is working at this point. I look at your files and want to clear one thing up. By default, website files are set to be put under the public_html folder. You have changed that path in the add-on domain definition. It's okay to do this, but remember that server is case-sensitive. So, if you use caps in the path, then the folder should have the same corresponding name with the capital letters. You will need to place your website files and folders in that location. The addon domain definition is working at this point, so all it needs are your website files and folders.

If you have any further questions, please let us know.

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Arnel C.