Accidentally removed the original MX record - HELP!

  • Answered
While trying to set up my G-Suite to re-route my website email through gmail, I followed the G-Suite instructions instead of the InMotion ones and they asked me to delete all existing MX records first.
It then denied me access to add any MX records so now I am stuck at zero....
Reading the InMotion Guide, it says in capital letters NOT to delete the original MX record.
What can I do??
IMH Support Agent 5
Hello, Thank you for your question about adding and modifying MX records. I assume you are editing these records in your cPanel and that your domain is pointed to InMotion. In which case, there is nothing that should be denying your access to create as many records as you need. If you are uncertain about what records you need and the best place to enter them, I advise contacting our Live Support team or checking out our article on modifying DNS for use with third party services. Best, Christopher M.