The 3 emails I created do not work

  • Answered
I created 3 emails and they do not work in 'Web Mail' or desktop "Thunderbird," or "eM Client" I've configured each email per instructions and entered the data. I've read somewhere that McAfee may be causing such a problem.

The eM Client responds with "Server Not Responding" for the 3 inMotion emails. I also have an MicroSoft email and that works fine on Thunder Bird and eM Client.

Any help is appreciated.

Hello Sean, Sorry to hear you are having issues with connecting to your email. I did a check and do not believe that the issue is related to the email. I see your mail records are pointed correctly and have nothing to do with McAfee. You will want to contact Live Support for account specific action related to the connectivity issue. Kindest Regards, Scott M