Very slow WordPress Dashboard

  • Answered
Just starting out with building a website and learning WordPress. Experience very slow response time when in the WP dashboard customizing theme parameters. I am using Beaver Builder and the provided BB child theme. The BB page builder does not seem to have the same lag, only when in the WP dashboard itself. I am only running the BB plugin as well as W3 Total Cache (setup as recommended in help section) and an under construction plugin. However, I have tested after deactivating all of these plugins and have the same problem. I have even occasionally gotten a "server not responding message" when trying to log in or move around in the dashboard. Wondering if I have done something wrong in the setup.
Hello, Thank you for your question regarding a slow response time when using Beaver Builder. As a test, try disabling the BB plugin to see if your dashboard still loads/responds slowly. "Once you publish a page using BB, a stripped down of the layout will be transferred to the WP native editor. So you can still see your pages after deactivating the plugin, just without the BB styling. The BB layout should still be there once you reactivate the plugin. But if you’re using a backup plugin, I’d suggest taking one before doing so just as a precaution. "(source) Enabling debugging in WordPress may provide a more detailed error message. If your problems persist I recommend contacting Live Support so they can look at your specific server, or test within your dashboard. Thank you, John-Paul