Users cannot see archived emails on their clients

  • Answered

First, I tried to submit a ticket but when I hit submit nothing happens, I even checked for sent packets and nothing.

I was wondering if there was any info on how to reverse the archiving cron job done on the email accounts for the domain provided. People are reporting that they cannot find old emails. I was able to access them through the browser webmail portal but I had to toggle the view on the archived folder and it still dose not show up on their mobile phones (the archived folder).

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Hello mSeifried, Thank you for your question about unarchiving mail. There is not an automatic 'unarchive' option for this type of process. You would need to move these messages manually, or just make sure that you have 'subscribed' to the archive folders so that you are able to see them on all email clients. Finally, if you need to create a ticket with our Support team, please feel free to email [email protected] Gratefully, Casey B.