Widget problems for desktop and mobile

  • Answered
Hello. Whenever I try to use text at the top where the title and menu are, I can't get them to be how I want it. If I use widgets then the space at the top all together gets larger and doesn't look good. If I use CSS to move them around then it moves completely out of place when I view it in mobile form. Lastly when I go and use CSS to view changes it appears different when I view the website as not admin (not logged in). Please help, this is the second time that we tried another theme.

Thank you for your question regarding problems making the title and menu display how you want. Typically widgets are used for adding blocks to the sidebar.

We are happy to help you adjust your site but will need some additional information. How do you want the text in the title and menu to look? For example, do you want it to be bigger, or over the right more, etc?

The CSS may display differently based on the specific code you are using. Can you provide a sample of the code for us to view/test?

Thank you,