Audit system level spam filter

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I'd like to access the account level spam folders such as spam assassin. When I redirect these filters to a user, a new 'domain' is created in the user's email tree, looking a little like self-referencing. It looks like this: subdomain/user/subdomain.domain/user/spam. The user can't access the info without a new email account for the new 'domain'.
How do I access the account level spam folder to view or validate the filter level for better control?
Hello corese5,

Thank you for your question on auditng the system level spam filter. I am not quite seeing what you are describing. In both your account and my own, I see email folders under the "mail/domain(or subdomain)/user" format. Under each user were the normal folders. I do not see any repetition of the subdomain or domain under the email folder.

I use Account (or global) level filtering on my cpanel, which sends emails I define as spam to a 'spam' email address. I can see these emails either by logging into that address, or viewing them via the cPanel File manager at the 'mail/domain/spam/new' folder.

Is that similar to what you are trying to do?

Kindest Regards,
Scott M