Account default in Outlook 2007

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I am completely new to Outlook as my email client. While I managed to set up an account as per the directions in the tutorial video on this page things don't appear as I expected on the screen.

Incidentally, my email account is set for IMAP.

For example, in the left pane of Outlook there is a folder marked Personal Folders complete with sub-folders. Then below this entry there is another entry which is not a folder but rather it is headed with my own email address. This entry has sub folders Deleted, Drafts, Inbox, Junk, Junk emails, Sent. When I send a test email to myself it will appear in the Inbox under my email address in the left pane. I can open the email and I can reply to it successfully.

Now, if I want to delete these test messages sitting in my Inbox the only way I can see to do this is to right click on the message header in the 2nd pane (Inbox) and select Delete from the context menu. This just puts a line through the respective email but it doesn't do anything else. I expected the deleted email to be instantly moved to the Deleted folder under my address, and the header to disappear from the Inbox listing, but this does not happen. Neither is it moved to the Deleted folder under Personal folders. What actually happens to the deleted email?

I found that I can drag the email header I want to delete and drop it in the Deleted folder and then click on Tools/Empty Deleted items folder. However this appears to only apply to the Deleted folder under Personal folders. not the Deleted folder under my address. If I drag the email to the folder under Persona and then use Tools/Empty Deleted items then it does successfully empty the folder. But then I see that any deleted emilas are still showing in the Inbox pane just with a line through them but their content is still visible and can be acted upon.

Why don't they actually get deleted from the Inbox?

And how do I set up the account I set up so that it appears as a folder which can be made the default folder?

This Outlook certainly is a strange beast :-(

Is there a way I can send screen grabs to show what I mean?
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Hello rherber1, Thank you for your question about deleting messages in Outlook 2007. You are encountering what appears to be a default behavior in Outlook. When you first delete a message it will put a strike through the message, so you can easily recover it. In order to permanently delete the message you will need to use the "Purge" option under the Edit menu. This is not a function that can be determined from the mail server. It is strictly within Outlook. If you have any trouble, you should check with Microsoft support. Best, Christopher M.