Transferred website not available to transferred domain name

  • Answered
Our website transfer was completed on 6/24/2016; it is currently on the server, A domain name was transferred prior to the website transfer; the name is Melbourne confirmed that this transfer was complete on 6/6/2016. It is our intent to point this domain name to our website. But when I click on Manage Domains, I am told that there are no domains to manage. The domain was pointed to InMotion servers when the transfer was done. So I don’t understand what the problem is.

When I click on Domain Transfers, it shows that is an “Existing Domain Transfer.” This was the domain that pointed to the website before it was transferred, however the domain name has not been transferred. I suppose that if I point this domain to your servers, all would be well, But we had hoped to be able to point to the transferred website. So my questions are:
(1) Why am I not able to see the domain,
(2) What is needed to make accessible to the public?
IMH Support Agent 5
Hello, Thank you for contacting us about the non-appearance of your domain name. It looks like the domain name — — is pointing to our servers. So you can use it right away. However, regarding the transfer, it appears that the domain is with our parent registrar, but I advise you contact our Live Support team so they can verify your account and update you on the current status. They will also be able to investigate why the domain has not appeared for management through AMP. Your site is live and available to the public under your primary domain name In order to use, you will need to set that domain up as an addon domain in your cPanel or make the latter domain your primary domain. Best, Christopher M.