Other Domains to Inmotionhosting VPS Server

  • Answered

I have some domains at other hosting companies, like Godaddy and Namecheap, and I want them to point to my VPS server at Inmotionhosting and build websites on this server.

Could you guide me through the steps I have to take?

I have set the Nameservers of the domains to:
Is this ok, or is this wrong?

What do I have to do afterwards, so that each domain points has a different folder on this VPS server?

I would like to install Wordpress into each of these folders (but this I know how to do manually).

IMH Support Agent 5
Hello Chris, Thank you for contacting us about setting up custom nameservers. I'm happy to provide you with some steps. It is good that you have already set up the host names with your registrar. Then you can follow the steps in this article and let us know if you have any difficulties. Best, Christopher M.