Domain nameservers and SSL Certificates

  • Answered
I am getting ready to launch a redesigned website for a client on InMotion. The old website is currently hosted somewhere else. I don't want to move the old site...I would just like to launch the new site on InMotion. I have ordered the ssl certificate from InMotion, but I have not changed the nameserver yet. Do I need to change the nameserver to InMotion before the ssl can be installed? The status of the ssl has been listed as "pending" for several days now. Thank you!
IMH Support Agent 5
Hello dkins63, Thank you for contacting us about domain nameservers and SSL certificates. No, we can install the SSL before the nameservers are pointed. Before you point the nameservers to us, I recommend testing the site with SSL using a hosts file modification. This way, you can test how the site appears on our servers before making significant DNS changes. Best, Christopher M.