I need to transfer domain hosting and ssl to InMotion

  • Answered
My client has a website hosted at another company. I have completely redesigned the website (a WordPress site) and want to host it at InMotion. I really only need to transfer the domain and the ssl certificate and then deploy the new site from my local server to InMotion. Would you please tell me what steps I must take to accomplish this. I have gone through your documentation for website transfers, but this doesn't apply to my situation since I am not transferring the site, just the domain. Thank you!
Hello Dkins63, Sorry for the confusion in transferring the domain and SSL certificate to your new site at InMotion. You are able to move the SSL over to us here at InMotion. You will need to first obtain a CSR. You can request one by logging into your AMP and then selecting the "Simple CSR Request" icon. Once you are emailed the CSR, send it to the SSL issuer and they will be able to rekey it for your server here. Once that is done, you can then contact our Live Support by emailing the SSL files to them. From there they can install the SSL onto your server for your site. In regards to the domain registrar transfer versus the name server change, please see Domain Names - Registrar transfer versus Name Server . You will be use the appropriate tutorial in order to make the proper transfer as associated with your domain. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.