Point subdomain to different IP address

  • Answered
I updated my DNS records and edited the subdomain userdata file to point to a different IP address, our Content Delivery server, but I just get a cPanel error saying it was incorrectly configured.

My DNS reflects:
.mydomain.com. A
sub.mydomain.com. A

my /var/cpanel/userdata/user/sub.mydomain.com IP address is also

Any suggestions?
Hello ssdcougrs, Sorry to hear you are having issues with the subdomain pointing to the proper IP address. I checked and verified the subdomain is still pointing to the server IP. I then went into the DNS Editor to repush the current settings, which include the change you made to point to the new IP. After that, I set the account to use a new DNS Key. That chagne is currently pending, so it could take just a few minutes. After that, it could take up to 4 hours for the DNS change to be made across the web. This should work for you, be sure to check later on. You may want to contact Live Support if there are any further issues as then it would involve working with your individual information. Kindest Regards, Scott M