Forward spam to originating ISP

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I received spam from, and attempted to report that spam to the originating ISP at [email protected]. Inmotion's spam filters mischaracterized my spam complaint as spam, and refused to send. You need to exempt destination mailboxes named [email protected] from spam filtering, so that your customers can send spam complaints to ISPs.

I don't feel right about just blacklisting - from my incoming mail server, without giving the offending ISP an opportunty to act against the spammer first.

Please advise.
Hello puffin6,

Thank you for your question regarding spam emails. Unfortunately exempting destination mailboxes would not solve anything however if you take the email that was sent to you and put it in a txt file they will usually open them. This way it does not get blocked by our outgoing spam checker at the same time.

Best Regards,
TJ Edens