Changing DNS A Records with Inmotion with a Domain Name ony.

  • Answered
I need to make A record changes in DNS to reflect a new site that we are trying to bring up. However, we no longer have hosting with Inmotion only the name, thus no CPanel. I was given 2 IPs that need to be changed or added. How can I do that while logged into my AMP account on Inmotion hosting?
Hello, Thank you for your question on making DNS changes for a domain only account. Once an account is 'domain only' it cannot access the cPanel any longer. Because of that, there is no way to configure the DNS settings such as A, TXT, CNAME, or MX records. The only thing you can change for the domain name is the name servers. Once you point the name servers to another place, they become your DNS manager and you will be able to change the DNS records as you need. Kindest Regards, Scott M