questions related to registrar,WHMCS ,database quantity,speed of packa

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I am having new issues,I hope you can help me
Q1:I just sent a support ticket,which is my 2nd question,but I did not get answer after a few hours .the I open chat page,after waiting a few minutes.i saw this."During your hold for the next available Chat Representative, feel free to search our Support Center, view Frequently Asked Questions, or submit a question in our Forum:" I think
it would be much faster if I chat here.I need to know where I can find support ticket status, I can't find the
ticket I sent.
Q2: I signup up both resellerclub and enom account through WHMCS,and I also configured it in Domain Registrars.
I tested to register a domain,and paid for it,the payment is ok,after that I go back to WHMCS,I saw the pending
orders,but when I click on accept order,there is error,I selected both resellersclub and enom as this domain's
registrar,but all failed. I am not able copy the error message again,because right now this domain is active,
which means I accepted the order,everthing looks fine.but no registrar,if I check on,I can see this
domain is still available.
Q3:after signing up resellerclub account,I can manage something overthere,but it seems that I can't manage
enom account,where is the link or address I can visit? the system tells me something about IP,how do I add my IP
to enom?

Q4:my current plan has 80GB disk space,800GB monthly bandwidth,and it's SSD,but I don't know other information
,such as how much space of database? how many database tables in total limit? what is the speed of my plan?
can I also limit speed of each client?

these are my current questions,please thing I must say is,the support page of your sites mostly are
about general hosting,not for resellers,it's completely different,it's hard to find which is for hosting users,which
is for resellers.inmotionhosting should classify them
I hope someone can answer all questions for me.thank you
IMH Support Agent 5
Hello futuretube99, Thank you for contacting us about domain registration, checking on the status of tickets, and resource usage questions. You can always check on the status of a ticket by contacting our Live Support via phone or chat. Remember if you add information to a ticket it falls to the bottom of the queue. We answer questions as they arrive. I was hoping you might be able to clarify your questions 2-4. Are you asking these questions in regard to your hosting plan with InMotion or Reseller Club? For Question 4 if you're asking about your hosting plan with us then your database space limits would fall under the total disk space allocation. So if you have a 1 GB database the total size will count toward the 80 GB you have available. You may be interested in our Everything Reseller section of tutorials with articles written specifically for resellers. Best, Christopher M.