Delay in delivering email

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I have had cases where it seemed like it took a long time for emails sent from our hosted accounts to actually be delivered. Had two cases today where mails sent from one account to another on the hosted account took hours to be delivered. Is there any way to look at logs of email traffic to see what was going on here? I am concerned that other emails in and out of our domain are being delayed. It does not appear to be a client-side issue: both emails showed up in the "sent" folders on the clients (two different clients), and these same clients are used all the time for emails. We just have had a couple of occasions where these strange delays happened. Because it happened on emails within the domain today, I finally have cases where I can rule out relay problems.
IMH Support Agent 5
Hello, Thank you for contacting us about delays in email delivery. Yes, if you're in VPS/Dedicated hosting plan you can certainly check your cPanels logs for information about email transmission and many other services running on your server: However, if you're in a shared hosting plan or are uncomfortable accessing your account on the command line then you can contact Live Support and we can check the logs with you and investigate the issue further. Best, Christopher M.